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September 7th - 11th

Hyatt Regency
Louisville, Kentucky

Hack Red Con Mission 

Education & Workforce

  • Professional Training

  • K - 12 Education

  • Certification

  • Cyber Content

  • Job Placement


  • Diverse Hacker 

  • Mentoring

  • Networking

  • Podcast

  • Content

  • Community Protection Program

  • Black Badge Exchange




Introduce ​Cyber
Security to Communities:

  • Low Income

  • Rural

  • Women

  • Minorities

  • Veterans



  • Tools

  • Research

  • Info Sec

  • Repositories

  • Market Data

  • Financial Aid

  • Scholarships

  • Blogs

  • Podcasts

  • News

Hack Red Con 2022 is a Cyber Security Conference, Training, Workforce Development and Networking 4 day event with an emphasis on all of aspects of InfoSec and Cyber Security including a variety of Red, Blue and Purple Talks and Training.

The Conference aims to connect the Cyber and InfoSec Professionals, Companies, Educators, Influencers, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Federal, State, Local Government Agencies together.

This 4 day event will have 2 free and professional training days of the latest InfoSec Education by the industries top hackers, cyber managers and industry experts. The following 2 conference days will include world class key note speakers, industry talks, roundtables, events including Capture the Flag competitions such as CG Silvers OSINT CTF (winners receive a Hack Red Con Black Badge, among other prizes!) , Hacker Jeopardy, Kentucky Bourbon, Lock Pick, Social, Red, purple Villages and of course the sickest Swag and Gear Giveaways. 

Apart from the work, Hack Red Con will have night party events with Local Bourbon Vendors, live music and free beer.

If you are in the Info Sec community, you don't want to miss this Bad Ass Event!

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