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Sponsorships for Hack Red Con 2022

Sponsorship Overview:

Hack Red Con is a cyber security conference that focuses on bringing to together the best and most interesting offensive security trainings, technologies, vendors, and industry people. The conference’s mission is to educate, develop, build awareness, and make resources more available for the community.

The conference begins Sept 7th and Sept 8th with training tracks designed to assist attendees with the latest and most effective courses. Followed by two days of unique conference Talks and Round Tables on Sept 9th and Sept 10th. On Sept 11th, we will have a hacker breakfast open to any one to attend.

An important goal of Hack Red is to provide a hands-on approach with "capture the flag" events, hands on labs, and workshops that will develop additional skill sets in the cyber field.


The conference has a variety of events and villages listed below.

Event Features:

  • Free and Professional Training Tracks

  • Keynote Roundtable Panel 

  • Red, Blue and Purple Talks

  • Gov, Start Ups & Infosec Career and Workforce Development

  • Capture the Flag - Red, Social, Purple CTF's

  • Hacker Jeopardy

  • Lock Pick Villages

  • Live Music Night Party featuring Dual Core 

  • Hacker Breakfast


Event Venue:

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Address: 320 Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY, 40202

Phone: (502) 581 – 1234

Important: If calling about rooms, please ask for Hack Red Room Blocks

Important Dates for Sponsors:

*Accepting sponsors late but print cut off is August 8 for all marketing, banners and merch from the Con.

Sponsorship deadline to sign up: Sept 8, 2022

Setup day: September 6

Day 1: Training Tracks: September 7

Day 2: Training Tracks: September 8

Day 3: Conference Day: September 9

Day 4: Conference Day and Saturday Night Party: September 10

Day 5: Hacker Breakfast: September 11

Who Attends:

  • Hackers, Security Professionals, Researchers

  • CISO’s, CTO’s, Founders, Executives, Managers

  • Federal, State and Local Government and Military Agencies

  • Technology and Service Vendors

  • IT and Cyber Security Decision Makers, Investors & Influencers

Relationships With Sponsors:

Hack Red Con’s goal is to partner with sponsors and vendors that will provide conference attendees with a high quality fun experience that offers valuable tools, knowledge, and tradecraft.  We believe in creativity as an effective strategy and encourage sponsors and vendors to offer activities as a way to engage attendees with an interesting experience. Our event provides an excellent way of connecting and building long term relationships that will assist in growing sales, industry value and marketshare.

Benefits of Sponsorships:

Hack Red offers sponsors and vendors with a variety of marketing, advertising, and networking opportunities:

  • In Person interactions and connections

  • Conference Opening and Closing Events

  • After Hour Parties with Live Entertainment

  • Branding, Logo Placement and Marketing on Red Swag (T-shirts), Websites, Social Media, Press Releases, Sports & Entertainment Partners, Affiliate Marketing Partners

The marketing goal of Hack Red Con is to develop trust, familiarity and recognition of vendor and product branding and to create an intimate connection with the attendees.

Social Media and Conference Exposure:

Hack Red Con will provide sponsors and vendors with a network of social media accounts on Twitter, Youtube, Discord and Linkedin. Our marketing partnerships reaches millions of users and over 3 billion views with affiliate marketing partners, blogs, infosec news sites and Presidential Whitehouse Chef.

After the conference is completed all the content will be uploaded onto social media channels for long-term marketing reach.

Talent and Job Recruitment Opportunity:

The in person conference is part of our company's mission to develop a Cyber education framework which is designed for non profit foundations, governments and corporations to support and sponsor the future generation of infosec professionals. We have several initiatives including a 12 city cyber awareness tour, 52 week certification training, workforce development/job placement and mentoring program. 


Sponsorship Prices and Packages:

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