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Build Your Cyber Fortress: A Hands-On Workshop on Setting Up a Free Home Lab with LimaCharlie​

Workshop Abstract


In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, practical skills and hands-on experience are invaluable assets. "Build Your Cyber Fortress: A Hands-On Workshop on Setting Up a Free Home Lab with LimaCharlie" offers participants an engaging and immersive experience at Hack Red Con. This workshop aims to empower cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a home lab leveraging LimaCharlie's powerful, yet accessible, security infrastructure.​

LimaCharlie, known for its enduring detection and response capabilities, provides users with an efficient and budget-friendly platform. This workshop covers the essential steps in setting up a home lab with LimaCharlie, and guides participants through the configuration of critical security components. The participants will learn how to harness LimaCharlie’s features to monitor and analyze security events, thereby simulating a real-world Security Operations Center (SOC) environment.​

By the end of this hands-on workshop, the participants will be adept at deploying LimaCharlie for personal skill enhancement or even small-scale organizational security. In addition to setup and deployment, the workshop will touch upon best practices for using LimaCharlie to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents in a controlled environment. This workshop serves as a stepping stone for aspiring cybersecurity professionals and an opportunity for seasoned practitioners to refine their skills.​

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops to engage with the workshop's interactive components fully.​

Keywords: LimaCharlie, home lab, cybersecurity, Hack Red Con, security operations center, SOC, hands-on workshop​

Date & Time

September 8, 2023  |  Full Day Training | 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM



Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) - 110 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202

Your Instructor

Nick Gipson

Nick Gipson is a seasoned cybersecurity expert renowned for his expertise in incident response, security research, and leadership as the CEO of Gipson Cyber. With nearly a decade of experience, Nick has been instrumental in safeguarding organizations from cyber threats. His published research and industry recognition demonstrates his profound knowledge and innovative insights. As a sought-after speaker and educator, Nick empowers others with his wealth of knowledge, driving proactive cybersecurity practices. Through his visionary leadership, Gipson Cyber remains at the forefront of the industry, offering comprehensive solutions in an ever-changing threat landscape. Nick Gipson’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity continues to make a remarkable impact, securing organizations and raising awareness worldwide.​

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