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Villages & Competitions at Hack Red Con 2023

Adversary Village


Hosted by White Knight Labs

WKL’s Adversary Village consist of 4 challenge stations where each participant has their own isolated virtual environment that is spun up with Terraform. 

The environment has 9 different machines in it consisting of: Kali, Windows, and an Ubuntu box as well.

The Windows machines have various EDR products installed, ie Crowdstrike, Cylance, Windows ATP, etc.

If participants are successful at landing beacons on 3 of the EDR machines, they can interview with WKL for an engineering position.

Everyone that attempts the Adversary Village will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a training voucher for a cybersecurity course and a bottle of bourbon (if 21 yo).


We coined this CTF style event Periwinkle village.  We wanted to provide a purple team experience with realistic items you can take back to your corporation.  The CTF environment will have around 100 questions.

The first half of the CTF questions are non-lab '101' and '201' questions.  These are cyber security, sysadmin, web app, and network admin general questions.

The following '301' and '401' questions, we will grant teams access to an Arkime instance to figure out what type of attacks performed and other supplementing information to answer them.

The Arkime instance is a full packet capture and additionally will have Suricata IDS events.  You will perform incident response and break down the attack methods.  

Periwinkle Village

Lockpicking & Covert Entry Village


Come on by the lockpicking village to get hand-on practice at picking a variety of different locks. Discuss physical security and social engineering attacks and techniques, as well as how to fix this these things.

Career and Workforce Village

 📝Elevate Your Career at Our Career Village! 📝

Our dedicated team of mentors is here to provide resume reviews and career guidance. Whether you're a recent graduate aiming to land your dream job, considering a career transition ladder, we will have great resources for you.

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