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Recon for Red Teamers and Bug Hunters

Workshop Abstract


Adversaries, red teamer's, and bug bounty hunters share some common TTPs: they all do extensive recon on their targets. Join Jason in this 2-hour workshop as he goes through tools and techniques when targeting an organization and its' people.


Jason will cover email acquisition, technology profiling, external attack surface (cloud, mobile, ++), historical data mining for endpoints, and much, much more. Jason will walk through each tool in the toolchain, live, for the students while he reveals his own personal tips and tricks in each section. The workshop will be performed on LIVE targets, so fasten your seatbelts! This workshop is a must-see for anyone in the offensive security space.

Date & Time

September 8, 2023  |  2:00 PM – 4:00 PM



Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) - 110 W Chestnut St, Louisville, KY 40202

Your Instructor

Jason Haddix

Jason Haddix is the CISO and “Hacker in Charge” at BuddoBot, a world-class adversary emulation consultancy.  He’s had a distinguished 15-year career in cybersecurity previously serving as the CISO of Ubisoft, Head of Trust/Security/Operations at Bugcrowd, Director of Penetration Testing at HP, and Lead Penetration Tester at Redspin.  He has also held positions doing mobile penetration testing, network/infrastructure security assessments, and static analysis.  Jason is a hacker and bug hunter to the core, and he is ranked 51st all-time on Bugcrowd’s leaderboards.  Currently, he specializes in recon and web application analysis.  Jason has also authored many talks on offensive security methodology, including speaking at cons such as; DEF CON, Black Hat, OWASP, RSA, Nullcon, SANS, IANS, BruCon, Toorcon, and many more.  Jason currently lives in Colorado with his wife and three children.

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